Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Customize your driver with the click of a mouse!

Tour Players, club professionals and clients alike receive the highest level of service while in Charlie's shop or via the internet. All orders are professionally built and tailored to meet each players individual and specific needs.

Clients can rest assured that only Master Club Fitter, Charlie Rodi is building and constructing their golf equipment.In reference to driver builds, ProFit involves an intricate process of launch monitor testing.

Charlie helps the client to understand how the proper length, loft and shaft specifications (weight, torque level, bend profile/kick point, tip section design and stiffness/frequency) relate to a players' ball flight pattern.

During the client's fitting, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin rate are tested to determine the proper loft of a club head and shaft design. When clients order custom drivers, they are trusting in the professional fit [ProFit] implemented by Charlie.

Exotic builds such as the Callaway FT5 with a Rombax Fujikura shaft are now available to not only Tour Players and Club Professionals, but also, any golfer who may desire such an exotic and creative build combination.

When ordering online, client players can utilize Charlie for questions on their individual specifications, or simply request Charlie to build their ideal-driver.